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Electronic Leases (E-Leases)

NSW Land Registry Service has converted over 2 million Certificates of Title from paper to electronic titles.

The next step in converting to full electronic conveyancing was the introduction of Electronic Leases (E-Leases) on 10th December 2018.

An E-Lease can be over the whole of the land, part of the land and can include a plan of the property when registered. If there is a mortgage on the property then the mortgagee is required to provide their consent to the lease in the electronic workspace.

A retail lease, commercial lease and a rural lease can now be E-Leases.  However, there are some leases which cannot be lodged electronically and must be registered as a paper lease.

Click here to see the Registrar General’s circular on the introduction of E-Leases.

For more information on leases and if your next lease can be an E-Lease contact our property law team.