Dispute Resolution

Effective dispute resolution will bring closure to a difficult situation.

You now find yourself in a difficult, confusing and stressful clash with:

  • your partner, wife or husband
  • your children or parents
  • family or friends
  • at work, with clients or suppliers
  • your neighbour over property
  • with the insurance company over a driving incident or an unforeseen challenge.

The other side may have become angry and defensive or worst still shut down and emotionally disconnected, making communication nearly impossible.

Your disagreement has escalated to a point where you can no longer settle it between yourselves. You feel distressed, frustrated and fatigued. Perhaps you have tried to ignore the conflict hoping it will pass. Sadly, the issue remains unresolved it’s time to take action.

Your urgent matter needs professional dispute resolution.

The key to dispute resolution is to focus on the problem and try as much as possible to look beyond the personalities involved. Here at Duffy Elliott, our dispute resolution process focuses on the big picture and seeks to find common ground. Our primary aim in every circumstance that requires dispute resolution is to find resolution in a timely manner.

Our lawyers are committed to finding the quickest, most inexpensive and efficient solution to your individual circumstances.

Our role is to help you understand your rights and obligations by explaining how the law applies to your case.

Where possible we’d encourage you to attend a settlement conference or use alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation or arbitration. An acceptable compromise, one that both sides can move forward is often the best solution.

Occasionally disputes require formal determination by a court. If so, you’ll receive the highest quality representation.

Talk today to one of our experienced lawyers. Let’s work together to remove your sense of helplessness and strive to achieve a positive lasting outcome.