Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a broad area of law that may require a lawyer to help you navigate the legal complexities. Unfortunately, disputes are often unavoidable. You may find yourself at odds with the Police, the RMS, another individual, a business, or other government bodies.

At Duffy Elliott Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being able to impartially assess your situation, interpret the relevant law and help you to understand your rights and obligations. We can assist you to explore and consider your options, and where possible, assist you to reach an acceptable compromise for example, by way of negotiation, mediation, settlement conference or making representations to the Police, to name a few. We can help you find the most efficient and most inexpensive resolution to your dispute.

No two disputes are the same, and it is important you have an experienced Solicitor advocating on your behalf. Where necessary, we also have strong relationships with a number of experienced Barristers to ensure you receive the highest quality representation.

Let Duffy Elliott Lawyers take away the stress and assist you with your criminal, traffic and civil litigation matters. We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.