Wills and Estate Planning

Making a Will is not only for the wealthy. It’s not just something you do when you get older. Making a Will protects you, your family and a life’s worth of work.

Life can suddenly change without notice. One minute everything is going along fine, the next you’re facing an illness, sudden death or a tragic accident. Nothing can prepare you for the distress. Life has changed forever.

Sadly, these events may strike without warning.

It’s important that you protect your family and your assets.

You must safeguard the family by making a Will. You can’t rely on your loved ones getting everything as you wished if you don’t make the proper, legal arrangements.

You may suffer an illness or accident that leaves you incapacitated. Would you like to let your intentions be known through a Living Will, sometimes called an Advanced Health Directive? Don’t let the emotion of the moment overcome members of your family. They may be forced to make a decision that you would have handled differently.

You have the option of creating an Enduring Guardianship in case a family member needs to make medical decisions on your behalf. An enduring power of attorney allows decisions about your finances to be made on your behalf.

Perhaps your circumstances would benefit from a Will with a Testamentary Trust. This allows you more flexibility and benefits over a standard Will. You may want to leave different amounts to different family members or provide instructions about how the money can be spent.

The law in New South Wales allows you the freedom to decide how you want to share your life’s work (assets).

It’s vital that you receive superior legal advice that will ensure your wishes are met.

The passing of a family member is a sad and despairing time. The last thing your family wants is to add the complications of a legal struggle on top of raw emotions and stress.

Get the Estate planning advice you and your family deserves.

What is the Cost for Estate Planning documents?

Document Price (excl GST)
Basic Will* (single person) $400.00
Basic Wills (Spouses*) $600.00
Enduring Power of Attorney $200.00
Appointment of Enduring Guardian $200.00
Revocation of previous Power of Attorney $100.00
Revocation of previous Appointment of Enduring Guardian $100.00
Package Deals Price (excl GST)
Single Person Will, Enduring Power of Attorney & Appointment of Enduring Guardian $600.00
Spouses Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney & Appointment of Enduring Guardian $850.00
Single Person Enduring Power of Attorney & Appointment of Enduring Guardian $350.00
Spouses Enduring Power of Attorneys & Appointment of Enduring Guardians $550.00

It is difficult for us to categorise all clients’ needs into a simple table and while the above table would apply to the needs of many of our clients, sometimes a client’s situation may not fit this scale. If your Estate Planning documents are outside the scope of the above, we will discuss this with you. The amounts referred to in the above table do not include GST or any disbursements that may be incurred. The costs quoted are a guide only and subject to change.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardianship refers to what we determine to be standard documents, the above costs are a guide only and subject to change, we will answer any questions you have about costs promptly.

*Will/s refers to basic Will document and does not include complex clauses / testamentary trusts. *Spouse is taken to include de facto and domestic partners.