Liquor Licensing

You are focussed on entering or existing the business of selling alcohol in NSW.

To own a licensed premise you must operate in a responsible way in an acceptable location. You must understand your obligations and ensure your processes met with the laws regulating the sale of liquor in NSW.

It’s important that you work with a law firm who has the experience to provide legal advice and assistance that makes the process as simple and effective as possible.

There are seven liquor licence types in NSW. You may be interested in just one or a combination of licences depending on the type of operation you have in mind. Selecting the right liquor licence for your venture matters.

These liquor licences are:

  • On-premises
  • Small Bar
  • Hotel
  • Club
  • Limited
  • Packaged
  • Producer/ Wholesaler

Each licence has conditions imposed that ensure that the licensees have due regard for and does not detract from the affability of community life. Many of these conditions are general, yet some are specific to each individual application.Such conditions may have a significant effect on the nature and economies of your venture. Our focus is to ensure you met your obligations, while ensuring the viability of your commercial venture. Understanding such conditions is our specialty.

Duffy Elliott offers legal advice in the sale and purchase of freehold and leasehold for bottle shops, pubs (including poker machine entitlements), restaurants and motels in NSW.

We have the experience and resources to assist you with liquor licensing applications and modifications. As well as this we have the ability to assist with the property dealings that go hand in hand with licensing transactions, such as freehold transfers, leasing and leasing options.

Have your questions answered about any of the following liquor licence issues

  • making an application
  • transfer
  • acquisition
  • sale
  • drafting and advising on hotel and motel leases
  • lease options
  • Applications to vary conditions
  • Removal and re-location

Our service is based on the quality of our advice and our understanding of your need for a speedy outcome. Our experience is in liaising with local council, licensing officers and other relevant bodies to obtain approval for your liquor licence and gaming application.

Talk to Rob Elliott today to get a better understanding of how Duffy Elliott can help you with the NSW liquor licensing laws.