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Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program

In an effort to deter drink driving, since February 2015 any driver convicted of a serious or repeat drink driving offence must participate in the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (unless an exemption applies such as medical reasons). An Interlock device is an electronic breath test installed in your car, motorcycle or heavy vehicle to monitor alcohol levels. It is linked to the ignition of the vehicle and will only start if no alcohol is detected on your breath. If installed, random breath tests will also be required throughout the duration […]

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Changes for Learner, P1 and P2 Drivers

  From Monday 20 November 2017, a number of changes to how you can obtain your licence will commence. Learner drivers will have to pass the Hazard Perception Test (‘HPT’) before they can attempt the driving test. If you wait more than 15 months without passing the driving test, you will have to complete the HPT again. Drivers will no longer be required to pass the Hazard Perception Test to obtain their P2 Licence. The only requirement is to hold your P1 licence for at least 12 months. There will […]

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Driver Disqualification Update

  From 28 October 2017, major changes in relation to licence disqualification laws will take place. People who commit offences such as driving while unlicensed, suspended, cancelled or disqualified will have maximum penalties and disqualification periods reduced. The Court will also have the power to decide when the disqualification will start (i.e. it won’t automatically be in addition to any suspension already being served). Disqualification periods can be lifted after a period of good behaviour with no other traffic offences (either 2 or 4 years depending on the type of […]

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